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The responsiblities of a church prayer leader

The local church Prayer Leader is a church member in good standing who organizes, schedules and provides general leadership for the church’s prayer activities. Together with the pastor, the Prayer Leader gives energy and direction to prayer and intercession in the local body of Christ. Appointing a Prayer Leader brings attention that prayer is a vital part of the believer’s personal life and also critical to the church and the city.

Responsibilities of the Prayer Leader:
(These may vary depending on the pastor, staff and needs of the local church)

1. Have a passion for prayer through a personal commitment to intercession.
2. Work closely with the pastor to identify specific prayer concerns and establish the prayer agenda for the church
3. Organize and establish an effective plan for intercessory prayer in the church.
4. Offer training for the church in prayer and intercession.
5. Mobilize and motivate others (including children, youth, men, and women) to pray.
6. Help develop the prayer and care ministry, prayer needs list, corporate prayer meetings, and other prayer opportunities for church members.
7. Work with the pastoral staff to raise up their personal intercessory prayer support teams.
8. Assist in planning special days of prayer, events, retreats, and training.
9. Build prayer support for every area of church ministry including children, youth, missions, etc.
10. Develop and provide oversight to a prayer leadership team who carries responsibility for different areas of prayer.
11. Encourage believers to include prayer needs of the city, nation and world.
12. Take advantage of continuing prayer education opportunities.
13. Network with other Prayer Leaders in the city to participate in cooperative prayer efforts.

Vicky Porterfield, PrayerFields, Inc 2004